We set up Santo Remedio in 2013, because we wanted to share with Londoners how incredibly varied and exciting the food of Mexico food can be. Food that we grew up eating, and that in our experience had been virtually impossible to find in London. Food that is eaten in Mexico’s markets, homes and celebrations and is so full of depth and wonder that UNESCO declared it an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This is the food we wanted to share.

So we set about bringing dried chillies, herbs and grasshoppers back in our suitcases from Mexico and got to work testing out recipes at home. We began with supper clubs and pop-ups, have since catered parties and weddings, and had the incredible opportunity to have a residency at Street Feast.

In 2016 we set up shop in Shoreditch serving tacos, ceviches and sharing plates in a bricks and mortar location. We were completely blown by the incredible reviews from both customers and critics and were humbled by how many of you queued for a table and told us it was worth the wait. Our time at Rivington Street was short lived. But the fact that so many of you want to see us back has been spurring us on to find a new space to call home in 2017.

Santo Remedio is a popular Mexican expression, which means Holy Remedy. We chose this name because Mexico’s food is so central to its culture, that it is considered a remedy for almost any problem. We prepare regional dishes from Yucatan, Puebla, Mexico City and Baja California made with Mexican ingredients like cactus, grasshoppers and Cascabel chiles. Dishes we make include a Mexico City classic, pork carnitas tacos cooked in Cola and orange juice with salsa verde, Octopus tostadas with Yerba Santa and Ox tongue with peanut and Pasilla Pipian Rojo.

Many of the dishes we cook use traditional slow cooking techniques to give them a rich, deep flavour. As such we are a member of Slow Food. We also use several 'Ark of Taste' products, such as blue corn, which are ingredients that Slow Food considers to be in danger of extinction due to the industrialisation of the food chain.

We are proud and excited to share with our customers the true cuisine of Mexico. We hope that for those who have been to Mexico already our food evokes wonderful memories, and for those who have yet to go that it will inspire future travels to this fascinating country.

Edson Natalie