Bienvenidos a Oaxaca - Edson Diaz-Fuentes & Corte Vetusto Mezcal Dinner & Pairing - London Mezcal Week 2018

We are super excited to be hosting one of the key dinners at London Mezcal Week on 10th September at the Agave Room at Santo Remedio. This is the second year Thea and Melanie are running London Mezcal Week and we could not agree more that is getting bigger and better. 

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Last time, Natalie and I went to Oaxaca we got some interesting stuff, including Chicatana Ants, Oaxacan Chocolate and Chintescle, as paste made with Pasilla Mixe Chilis, Garlic and white Onion that is super delicious so when discussing with David Shepherd - Corte Vetusto Mezcal Co-Owner - we did not think twice and we decided that dinner should be called Bienvenidos a Oaxaca. 

David was born in Singapore, but moved to Mexico City with his parents when he was six months old and lived there until he was seven. He lived in other countries, but his parents moved back in Mexico in 1994 and have been there ever since. It is his second home. 

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“I got into Mezcal about 8 years ago when my father took me to a restaurant in Mexico City called Nico's. They had a mezcal trolley. I tried two mezcals that day and was bowled over by how different they were and how much more interesting and complex they were, compared to any tequila I'd tried. I'd always dreamed of starting my own business and was certain it would be food or drink related, as I'm passionate about both. The seed was planted then, but it took a further 6 years until I could realise that dream.” said David.  

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David started his business 2 years ago with his best friend, thinking that the timing was right to get into mezcal as they felt that too many mezcals were unbalanced, overly smoky and that the packaging didn't convey how complex and exceptional mezcal could be. Extensive travel and tasting around Oaxaca brought them to the town of Milta where they met a 4th Generation Maestro Mezcalero. His mezcals were exactly what we were looking for - complex, refined and balanced, with an emphasis on the agave and not the smoke. 

Corte Vetusto was launched in the U.K. in September of 2017 and since then, they have won Gold Outstanding and the Mezcal Trophy at the 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition. David says,

“I met Edson in November of 2016. I didn't get the chance to get to his first venue, but I'd heard such good things about him and his food that I went to a Day of the Dead pop-up event he was doing. His food was exceptional. He introduced himself to all the tables and we got chatting at the end of the meal. We discussed our love of Mexico, its food, culture and mezcal. The rest, as they say, is history. I have tremendous respect for Edson and love his passion and vision of bringing authentic Mexican flavours to London. It’s a privilege to know him and work with him.”  said David. 

At Santo Remedio we stock all 3 Corte Vetusto Mezcales at our Mezcal and Tequila Bar, including the Espadin, Tobala and Ensemble, which is actually our favourite. 


We hope you will join us on the 10th of September for an exceptional 4 course meal emphasising the flavours of Oaxaca as well as a guided tasting of our three Artisanal Mezcals.

Nos vemos pronto.

Santo Remedio & Tom Parker Bowles present: A true Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration

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We are delighted to be hosting a traditional Day of the Dead evening on Thursday 2nd of November together with Tom Parker Bowles, to mark Mexico´s yearly celebration of life. 

We will be serving some very special dishes served at this time of year in Mexico including, Huitlacoche Quesadillas, Mucbipollo - A Yucatan style Chicken Tamales, Duck breast with Mole Negro, a traditional rich spicy and fruity sauce with a hint of chocolate from Oaxaca, Roasted Vegetables with Mole Amarillo and Pan de Muertos, a traditional Day of the Dead sweet pastry, served with Mexican hot chocolate.


Picture by The Resident

Picture by The Resident

We will also be including some very special Tequila El Jimador and Mezcal De Leyenda cocktails for this celebration. 

As is the case across Mexico we will be building a traditional Ofrenda, a Day of the Dead altar filled with sugar skulls, flowers and photos of loved ones no longer with us. This is an integral part of yearly Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations as it believed that this is the one day a year when loved ones who have passed away travel back to visit their families and enjoy one night of earthly pleasures.

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Bookings and walk ins taken for the evening. If you arrive and a table is not available you can enjoy a drink in our Tequila & Mezcal bar and we will make sure to seat you as soon as possible. 

For those of you who are not able to make it on 2nd November, we will also be offering some of our special dishes throughout the weekend on 3rd and 4th of November also. 

We look forward to welcoming you to join us in this true celebration of life and to raise a glass of Tequila & Mezcal to those who have gone before us. 

Edson & Natalie



Santo Remedio, How to Help Mexico & Mezcal Amores - Mexico Earthquake Rebuilding Efforts

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Mi Casa es tu Casa at Santo Remedio Mezcal & Tequila Bar 

I was only 4 years old when the devastating earthquake hit Mexico City on 19th September 1985 in which over 5,000 people died. I will never forget the fear and panic that resonated throughout the city on that day. My father running all the way from work several miles through the rubble and devastation not knowing if he would find the apartment block where we lived still standing. And where my mother, younger sister and I were all in at the time. This marked the world I grew up in. How you have to prepare at home or at school when an earthquake is happening. Something that is unimaginable living in England. 

Being so far from my city this past 19th September 2017 when another major earthquake hit Mexico City, watching the devastation, the feelings of worry for friends and family it was impossible to not do something to help. So when our friends from How to Help got in touch we decided to join forces, together with them and Mezcal Amores to host a Mezcal Tasting with Mexican Antojitos to raise money for those rebuilding their lives after the Earthquake. 

We will be hosting two fundraising events in our recently opened upstairs Tequila & Mezcal Bar,  on the 25th & 26th October at 7.30pm. The evening will start with a Mezcal Cocktail, courtesy of Mezcal Amores and a selection of traditional Mexican canapés and snacks – known as Antojitos Mexicanos, including Octopus Tostaditas, Baby Potato Flautas, Quesadillas and Elotes. 

Tickets are available on Eventbrite link here

The funds raised will go to the Amauni Foundation in Mexico, a charity focused on rebuilding sustainable housing in Mexico, which is building housing for those who lost their homes in the earthquakes.

If you can’t attend our fundraising evenings but you wish to contribute, you can donate any amount in our Eventbrite ticket section. All donors will be periodically informed about the use of resources and progress of the reconstruction projects run by How To Help México. 

Your ticket also gives you access to a raffle for some fantastic gifts, including a dinner for 2 at Santo Remedio – so you can enjoy a full meal on us - and a bottle of Mezcal Amores – which will be kept in Santo Remedio’s Agave Locker with your name on it so you can stop by for a drink from your very own bottle with your friends. 

Please help spread the word among your friends about our fundraising events, to help support Mexico’s earthquake victims, we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible at Santo Remedio.


*Santo Remedio is supporting this charity event and facilitating space and logistics but we won't manage donations, money or monitor progression as How to Help Mexico is doing all that. 

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Santo Remedio & Le Bab present "Tacos Arabes" special lunch 

On 21st of May Santo Remedio will team up for one day only with Le Bab in Kingley Court for a collaborative lunch where Edson will be in the kitchen with Le Bab Head Chef Manu Canales.

Inspired by Mexico's "Tacos Arabes", popularised by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico, the menu will include Hummus with Pico de Gallo and Salsa Macha to start as well as tacos prepared with hand made flat breads infused with Guajillos chiles.

Mutton Barbacoa Kofte with a combination of salsas, pickles and crunchy salad with Sumac will be served as well as a Corn bread tart to finish off the feast.

The ticketed event will include a welcome Tequila cocktail. Limited spaces with 2 sittings only.  

For bookings please visit the Le Bab website by clicking here.

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Mexican tasting dinner at Mark's Kitchen Library @ Tramshed on 11th May

Edson Diaz-Fuentes and Martin Sweeney, Head Chef of Tramshed, will create a special tasting menu at Mark's Kitchen Library in Rivington Street. The tasting menu will be an intimate and interactive dinner with only 12 seats available, around the open kitchen in Mark Hix's Library.

The evening promises to give guests a taste of some of Mexico's most spectacular dishes, including some of Edson's favourites and inspired by Martin's recent trip to Mexico when we fell in love with the food, culture and hospitality of the Mexican people. 

Full Tasting Menu: 

12 seats only available / £60pp 

On arrival: Tequila Cocktail and Guacamole with Grasshoppers

Scallop Aguachile Negro 

Crispy Prawn Tacos Baja Style 

Pork Cheek Tamal with Salsa Verde

Duck Breast with Mole Oaxaqueño

Queso Fresco Cheesecake with Tomatillo 

Cafe de Olla or Tea 

For Bookings please contact:

Telephone: 0207 749 0478 Ext. 1

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We have found a site + Kickstarter Campaign!

We are delighted to share the fantastic news that we have found a new site to re-open our Santo Remedio restaurant and will be opening its doors later this year. 

It is the perfect spot for our new home, where we plan to re-create a Mexico City style Cantina and Dinning room, but it needs some work and for that we need your support!

To help transform the space we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to initially raise £40,000, with exciting and interesting rewards as a thank you for those who pledge to our campaign.

Please check out the link below to find out more about our campaign and what we plan to do with the money raised:


We would love to be able to count on your support and hope to see you soon, either at one of the exciting collaborations we have planned in May, or in a few months time at the new restaurant!  


‘One had more chance of dry-humping Jamiroquai’: Grace Dent’s best lines in 2016

‘Until Santo Remedio popped up in Shoreditch recently, I’d have been hard-pushed to name an authentic Mexican restaurant in London with a Mexican chef-owner..."

We wish you all the very best for the Christmas holidays & the New Year.

Dear all, 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the Christmas holidays and for the New Year. 

2016 has been a year of many ups and downs, both globally and locallybut one which certainly gave us a lot to think about. 

We want to thank you for being among the many wonderful customers that passed through the doors of Santo Remedio (and ate some of the more than 200,000 tacos we served) during our time at 22 Rivington Street in our short lived time there. 

We were truly overwhelmed by the incredible support we received and how much great feedback we had about the Mexican food we are sharing with Londoners. It was genuinely a pleasure to serve you up the food we love making.

There are exciting things in the pipeline for 2017, including the opening of a new restaurant. If you would like to be kept up to date on where and when we will be opening, including exclusive information on the soft launch, please visit our website to sign up to our newsletter. 

We look forward to seeing you again in 2017. And we hope 2018, 2019 and beyond!

Felices fiestas,

Edson & Natalie