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Edson Diaz-Fuentes, Chef & Co-Founder of Santo Remedio writes:

I am just heading back from Oaxaca, where I spent a week visiting Palenques, Markets, food stands and Museums. It was also a chance to catch up with friends, sip Mezcal, Pulque and Tejate, while eating among other things Tlayudas, Memelas and Tamales.

What I love about Oaxaca is the fact that there are festivities pretty much across all the year, from traditional Calendas to Noche de los Rábanos or Guelaguetza - and that people from Oaxaca are very hospitable and love sharing and making sure all visitors truly enjoy their experience around their traditions, culture, food and drinks.

On this occasion I visited Don Juan Carlos, the Maestro Mezcalero behind one of my favourite Mezcales Corte Vetusto Mezcal which is produced near Mitla, 50 minutes away from Oaxaca City. It is incredible to experience first hand all the love and care that it is behind this artisanal and ancestral spirit in Oaxaca - and to meet the masters behind such a delicate product.

Every Sunday is Market day in Tlacolula which is located 40 minutes away from Oaxaca City where traders from the whole state and remote villages attend in order to sell a varied list of products, mainly traditional ingredients such as vegetables, corn, cacao among others. One of my favourite Oaxacan chillies is the Chile de Agua - which is a fragante and lightly spicy local fresh chilli, perfect for Salsa or Chiles Rellenos.

I visited Chef Alex Ruiz at Casa Oaxaca, one of my favourite restaurants in Mexico - where we had Ox Tongue with Alcaparrado, an absolute must at his restaurant. The main ingredients are Tomatillo, Capers and Cinnamon - with soft Ox Tongue served with raisins, plum puree and pickled chillies. Delicioso.

Street Food stands in Oaxaca are everywhere. Mainly lead by woman, who are behind the comal or grill - serving some of the most traditional Antojitos like Memelas, Empanadas or Tlayudas.

One week walking and eating around the city while enjoying sunsets, rain, people and its culture. Already planning another trip soon -


For Mezcal visit a classic Oaxaca Mezcaleria Los Amantes.

For original Mezcal Cocktails visit Sabina Sabe.

For high end Oaxacan Cuisine visit Casa Oaxaca from Chef Alejandro Ruiz or Pitiona from Chef Manolo Baños both completely different from each other, but impeccable food, service and beautiful terraces.

For a cheap and delicious lunch visit Tacos del Carmen. Chicharron prensado Tacos are the best!

Pulque Pulque Pulque! The ancestral fermented Agave sap drink is available at La Mezcalerita. Always delicious.

For a leisure evening visit Centro Cultural San Pablo, with regular and unique exhibitions and a quiet place witching a vibran and festive colonial City.

This Saturday 13th of July, Edson will be giving a cooking class this coming Saturday at 12pm where he will share his culinary secrets on how to cook up a true Mexican feast. Email us for details.

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